How do I print?

ProsperWorks was designed to support companies that want to present, not print. So we never directly built printing into the application. However, we have several work arounds!

Options to "print" in ProsperWorks:

1. You can take a screenshot of it and print it

Mac short cut: shift command 4

PC short cut: use the snipping tool or print screen on your keyboard


2. To print out a report or contact list with all their details, you can export your data with the Google Sheets Add-on and print it from a Google sheet


3. To print specific information, you can filter a list and export it to a Excel and print the exported Excel document



4. Select your printer to be PDF and print to PDF


Go to File -> Print


Select "Change"


Select "Save as PDF" and print again

5. If you do not need to print it, but just share it with a non ProsperWorks user, in the page you want to print, go to File -> "Save as"

After saving, go to the file and right click on it, open in a different browser and you can still see it/print it there


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