Best practices for contact types

When you first join ProsperWorks, you will notice you only have two default contact types. It is possible to make custom contact types if they do not suit your needs.


Advice on adding Contact Types:

We recommend you make your contact types as specific as you can to reflect your data. Whether you work with vendors, working in the medical industry, or in manufactured goods, you can change your contact types to “Vendor,” “Other,” “Doctor,” or “Supplier,” etc.



How to add them:


Go to System settings -> Contact Types -> Select “New Contact Type”



Common questions and answers:


Q: Is there any way to change the default from Potential Customer? Ideally, I would like for it to be left blank, but request that we select one

A: Currently we do not have a way to change the default for any dropdown selections including Contact Types.


Q: When I convert an opportunity to Won is there a way to make it so that it so I don’t have to convert to "Current Customer?"

A: This is also not possible. Out of better understanding to upgrade our product, could I ask why this is important for you? I can then bring this over to our product team.


Q: Is there any way to re-order the various contact types?

A: The default Potential and Current customers can not be removed or reordered but any additional contact types can only be reordered by the order they have been inputted under "System Settings" ⇨ "Contact Type"


Q: If I change the contact type on an account, shouldn't it also change on all related contacts?

A: No


Q: Do you have Contact Types for Leads?

A: No


Q: Is there a way to set a default Contact Type?

A: No


Q: Can I delete Potential Customer and Current Customer Contact Types?

A: No


Q: Can I reorder Contact Types?

A: No

Examples of custom Contact Types:

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