How do I connect my account to Zapier?

You must be an admin to connect your ProsperWorks account to Zapier


ProsperWorks has a great integration with Zapier, a tool that allows you to connect a variety of different web apps together and create automations between them.  This integration can greatly expand what you can achieve by using ProsperWorks!

Below are the steps to connect your ProsperWorks account to Zapier:




  • After you create your Zapier account and sign-in, you'll want to connect your account to ProsperWorks.  To do this, lets navigate to Connected Accounts:



  • Search for ProsperWorks in the search bar:



  • You will then be prompted to enter your email, and your Token:



  • Your email will be the address you use to log in to ProsperWorks.  To find your Token, log into ProsperWorks and got to Settings > Integrations and generate your Token!



You have now connected your ProsperWorks account to Zapier and are ready to start creating helpful Zaps!


What kind of integrations and automations can I create with Zapier?

Below is a complete list of integrations!