How do I import tasks?

To duplicate the steps in this article, you will need a trial, Professional or Business ProsperWorks account.


At this time, you cannot import tasks into ProsperWorks. If you would like this, please make a feature request here


There are two work arounds to import tasks: Using a tool we created, or using Zapier.


A. Importing Task tool

Follow the instructions in this doc:


B. Zapier

**if you choose this option, you will have to relate the imported tasks manually into the app**


Start a free Zapier trial:


Then, create a Google sheet and copy/paste your tasks that you want to import there.


Create a column called "Update" and pass "Yes" into it like below:


Use the images below to guide you in building your first Zap. If these images are hard to see, please try zooming in on the page.


Log into Zapier and make a Zap

Search for Google sheets


Select updated spreadsheet row



Connect your Google account 


Select the Google spreadsheet that has the tasks in it, it refers to the right tab where the data is and select the column "Update"



Test this step and click Fetch and continue

Click "view your spreadsheet row"


Make sure all the data is entered correctly



Hit Continue and create a new action


Search for ProsperWorks


Select Create a task and select continue



Connect your ProsperWorks account



In the Name area, Select and select the name from the spreadsheet



Pass the values into the template so it looks like this. Any custom fields you created for tasks will also show up here. Here you can see I have created the custom field Time Zone.



Hit continue and test this step


Make sure the data is correct



Hit Create and Continue

If you are successful, click view your task



and find the ID for the newly created task



And find the task in ProsperWorks by name and verify it is the right task by ID


Check that all the data is there









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