Slack Integration



What is Slack?

Slack is an innovative team communication solution. At its core, Slack is an instant messaging app that provides company wide, and private channels, direct messaging and notifications. You can visit to learn more.

Why this integration is awesome:

CRMs should fit into your workflow, not the other way around. We know you and your team use Slack to ensure there is constant communication. This integration allows you to fit ProsperWorks in a place you know your team is checking all day, so we’re making it even easier to monitor what’s going within your pipeline.

Slack integration features:

As part of the Slack integration, you can receive notifications in the Slack channel of your choice. Please note that anyone with access to the Slack channel you choose will be able to see the notifications, regardless of the ProsperWorks visibility permissions that may be in place. If you need to limit visibility of these notifications in Slack, make sure to set it up as a ‘Private Channel’. Below are what notifications are possible. Your ProsperWorks admin can choose to push notifications for Leads, Opportunities or both into the selected channel!

Lead Notifications

  • Created
  • Change of ownership
  • Status change
  • Lead conversion

Opportunity Notifications

  • Created
  • Won
  • Lost / Abandoned
  • Stage moved forward
  • Stage moved backward
  • Opportunity Close Date was pushed out
  • Opportunity Close Date was pulled in
  • Opportunity Value increased
  • Opportunity Value decreased

How do I start using the ProsperWorks Slack integration?

For your team to start receiving ProsperWorks notifications via Slack users can follow these steps:

  1. Go to System Settings. You must be a Slack admin and a ProsperWorks Admin
  2. Select "Integrations"
  3. Click on "Connect" for "Slack Notification"
  4. Select the appropriate team
  5. Choose the channel you want notifications to be posted to (it can be a public or private channel)
    When selecting a Slack channel, be conscious of who has access to it. Notifications will be sent to that channel regardless of visibility permissions you may have in place in ProsperWorks. 
  6. Click on "Authorize"
  7. Once you’ve integrated Slack, you can go into the Settings section and select whether to receive notifications for Leads, Opportunities or both.Slack_help_4.png

  8. Select the channel that publishes each type of Lead and Opportunity notification
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  • Avatar
    Matt Stevens

    I would love to see some more setting options here. It would be great to have the ability to have won opportunity alerts go to specific channels like an implementation channel and or Billing channel.

  • Avatar
    Geoff Simmons

    It would be useful to have notifications limited to specific customer sources, allowing teams to receive relevant lead/opportunity updates.

    Edited by Geoff Simmons
  • Avatar
    Brian Kelly

    Please add the ability to select private channels in Slack. It looks like only public channels work with the latest update.

  • Avatar
    Ursula Shekufendeh

    Hi Brian! We're looking into adding private channels to the new version of the integration. Thanks for the feedback. Ursula

  • Avatar
    Ursula Shekufendeh

    Private channels are now available for your Slack notifications from ProsperWorks!

  • Avatar
    Brian Kelly

    Feature request: When pasting an link to a Slack channel the expanded HTML preview in Slack shows the *actual* person/company/lead/oppy information in Slack. Slack would need to have a PW authentication token for me in order to grab this info. Seems like it'd be really useful.

  • Avatar
    Amie Vaccaro

    Hi Ursula and team - is there a way to select which pipeline alerts are shown in slack? We have multiple sales pipelines but want certain ones shared in certain channels. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Ursula Shekufendeh

    Hi Amie, there is currently not a way to make the notifications pipeline specific, but that's a great suggestion! Thank you for sharing. Ursula

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