How to track lead created date

To duplicate the steps in this article, you will need a trial, professional or business ProsperWorks account



Use case: "When I enter a lead, I am able to see all the UTM sources that apply to that specific lead, but once I convert a lead to an opportunity, I cannot find that info again. Is there some place I am not looking?"

There are two approaches for this issue:


1. The manual approach:

Create a custom field that applies to leads, people and opportunities and copy/paste the lead created date into it so the lead created data stays in the people and opportunity record when the lead is converted.



2. The automated approach:

It is also possible to create an automation with Zapier, a third party integration service, to automatically push lead created date into your lead/people/opportunity record. If you would like to recreate the Zap below, please create a free Zapier trial and follow the steps below.  


What follows are screenshots to create a Zap:

a. a new lead is created
b. we use a custom webhook get the newly created lead information so we can pull the lead created date from it
c. we format the date and time
d. we use a custom webhook to put the lead created date in the lead record in the lead created date custom field we created
e. we also store the lead record with the lead created date in a google sheet for record keeping purposes and to use for later reporting if you wish 


Step 0: Create a custom field in ProsperWorks by going to settings -> custom fields


Step 1: Create a free Zapier trial account:


This is what it will look like when you are done:

Step 2: Try to recreate the zap using the images below.To see the images below, please zoom into the page.


If you run into any issues, submit a support request here.



Create a Google spreadsheet like this: