How can I print a filtered list?

There are three options to do this: 

A. Printing a filtered downloaded spreadsheet

B. Printing a filtered spreadsheet from Google sheets

C. Export all contacts and filter them separately in a spreadsheet 


In this example, we will start with a contact type named "Client List". 

A. Print a filtered downloaded spreadsheet:


1. Go to your People records:


2. Filter by contact type "Client List":



3. Select all by clicking the top left box:



4. Click the three little dots and export list:


5. Then it will export into your gmail and you can print the document that is sent to your gmail:





B. Print a filtered spreadsheet from using Google sheets:


1. Go to your People records:


2. Filter by contact type "Client list":



3. Once the list is filtered, select "Save Filter Set":

4. Download our add on:


5. Select People and then choose the filter you saved:


6. Print the spreadsheet:



C. Export all contacts and filter it separately in a spreadsheet


1. Click the toggle -> Settings -> Export Data -> Export the file you want:


2. Go to your email and wait a couple minutes for the file to show up:



3. If the file does not show up, search for in your Gmail:



4. You can also open your spreadsheet in Google sheets downloading our add-on:




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