Step 4: Mapping out your process into ProsperWorks

Now that you have your settings in place, we’ll want to start sorting out the nitty gritty details of mapping out your business process into ProsperWorks.


In this article we'll be covering:

  • Outlining your business flows 
  • Setting up fields to capture information specific to your business
  • Creating your sales process stages in a sales Pipeline

The first question you’ll want to ask yourself, is where do i get my Leads from? Do you attend trade shows? Do you do a lot of outbound emailing? Once you’ve defined those options, you’ll want to think on how your business gets those prospects from Lead to cash flow (or as we call them, a Won Opportunity).

EXAMPLE: You met Pat at a conference. You input their information from the business card they gave you into Prosperworks. Before Pat buys your product:

  1. You get Pat’s contact information at a conference
  2. You qualify Pat as a potential customer (“qualified”) because Pat needs to purchase Business Magic
  3. You have an Exploration call with Pat
  4. You give Pat a Demo
  5. You Negotiate on a price
  6. Pat becomes a customer!

You’ve laid out your process. How do you put that into ProsperWorks?


Set up any custom fields or Lead Sources you may need (example: you met Pat at a CONFERENCE).


When you identify someone needs Business Magic, they become “qualified” and at this point you would convert their Lead to Qualified (ex: Pat needs 5 units of Business Magic).


You edit your pipeline stages. You have one for Exploration Call, Demo, and Negotiation.


Now in ProsperWorks you would move Pat through each stage as they move through each stage.



Now lets go to Step 5: Customizing ProsperWorks to your needs.

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