Send and Reply to Emails from ProsperWorks

Stop interrupting your day and start corresponding straight from ProsperWorks!

Suddenly remember you need to send an email for tomorrow’s client meeting? Forget to send out a thank you from your last call? Shoot out a quick email straight from ProsperWorks, and you’ll never have to interrupt your workflow.


How does it work?

You can choose to initiate emails from ProsperWorks, which will prompt a window to appear every time you click on an email link in the app. 

Emails will still be sent from and be visible in your Gmail, but you won't have to leave ProsperWorks to compose and send them. Emails sent from ProsperWorks will always show in your activity logs. 


In addition, you can now Reply to emails directly from the ProsperWorks activity log.


Note that you can apply rich text by highlighting any word or section of your email body



Get Started

Here are the steps to enable this feature:

  1. Go to the Settings page 
  2. Go to 'Email Settings'
  3. Select 'ProsperWorks' as the option for 'Clicking email links opens in.' This will show the ProsperWorks compose window when you click on an email address within ProsperWorks.
  4. Be sure to check the box if you want your Gmail signature to be added to all your emails 


Things to Note:

  • This feature will not work if you don't have Google sync permissions enabled.
  • These emails will be sent through your Gmail account
  • Be mindful of the Gmail daily limit of emails you can send.
  • We will add support of the BCC field in a future release.
  • All emails sent from ProsperWorks are tracked if you are on a Trial, Business or Professional plan.
  • File attachment is not supported at this time.


If you have any questions please contact our Support Team!

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