How to use Required Fields

Required Fields is a great tool to ensure you have all the information about a contact or company that you need to do business with them.  It allows Admins to designate certain fields in a record type to be “required” when the record is created, so that the field can not be left empty.


Note: Only system admins can enable and select Required Fields


There are a few easy steps to enable Required Fields for you account:

1. As an Admin, navigate to Settings > Field Validation

2. You can set required fields across all record types, and can also customize by Opportunity Pipeline. You will see a dropdown next to each field in your ProsperWorks listed. Select 'Field cannot be empty' if you want it to be a required field. 

To understand what information is best for your business when you're starting out, we do not recommend creating more than 3 required fields per category (person, lead, etc.).



There are a few things to note about how Required Fields work:

  • When a field is required, a user will not be able to save a new record without filling it out.  This applies to any User, Admin, or Account Owner.  If they try to save, they will get the following error:


  • This only applies to the creation of records, NOT the editing of records.  Required Fields will also apply when you convert a Lead to create a Person and Opportunity record, but not a Company Record.
  • There are a few situations where required fields do not apply to created records.  If you create records by importing, or using our API, Required Fields will not be applied.  Required Fields rules do not apply to bulk updates either.


If you have any more questions about Required Fields, please contact our Support team here!

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