How to use the Update on Import beta

Update on import-- the ability to update your records by importing, is available by beta from ProsperWorks. To enable the beta, please write into Support



1. Because this is a beta and things can go wrong, we recommend trying this on a small amount of records first, no larger than five, and cross-checking all fields on each record to make sure everything carried over during the import as expected.

2. There is no "undo" button. All results after using this feature cannot be undone. Because of this, we recommend exporting your data so you have a backup (settings -> export data)

3. As always, if you notice a bug, please report it here


1. Import your file

After it is enabled, go to settings -> Import Data -> Select a category -> Import your file.


You will see the import view below. Click "manage matching records."


2. Now we will go over the components that appear after selecting "Manage matching records."


a. "Identify matching records by: Select Field"

This is where you will choose what to match by. You can match by anything your file has on it-- another unique ID, email address, ProsperWorks ID, or a different column.

As an example, below, I have selected to match by "Email." Now the tool is going to see how many email addresses from my spreadsheet match existing email addresses in ProsperWorks:


b. How do you want to handle matched records?



It will skip records that match [by email from my example]

This way you can skip records that already exist by email address (what I have chosen in my example), and only import in records that have not been added. This will allow you to skip duplicates.



It will overwrite the fields that match [by email from my example]




Common questions


1. Will it skip blank fields?

Answer: If you choose overwrite, blank fields will not be overwritten and be made blank. In this case, we suggest splitting your file into pieces if you do not want this to happen. 

Or, you can ignore the row and import this field later on its own. This new tool allows you to import one column at a time if you like!


2. Can I click undo?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no undo button.

We recommend exporting your data first before trying this feature.

Also, before using this, try it on a small amount of records first, no larger than five, to see if it gives you the results you are seeking


3. Can I overwrite emails?

Answer: No, we will add the new email, but you cannot replace emails.


4. What is the best way to match records?

Answer: We recommend using the ProsperWorks ID. You can get the ID by exporting your data from settings -> export data. It will be in the second to last column at the end. 










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