How do I troubleshoot issues with my mobile application?

If you cannot get the app to work on your phone, please try these trouble-shooting steps:


1 - Go to your app store

2 - Install any updates for ProsperWorks

3 - Install any updates for your phone

4 - Turn your phone off and back on:

5 - Log out of your Google account on your phone:

6 - Log in to your Google account as your registered ProsperWorks email

7 - Try logging in again into ProsperWorks to see if it works


8- If that doesn't work, please try deleting and reinstalling the app


9 - If the above steps did not work, please answer these questions and include your response in a request to support here:

a. What type and model phone do you have?

b. What operating system are you on?

  • For Apple phones, go to Settings -> General -> About -> Version to see what version you are on
  • For Android phones, go to Settings -> click "About Phone" or "About Device" --> click "Android Version" to see what version you are on



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