Filtering your Records


The more records you have stored inside of ProsperWorks, the more you'll want to organize them in a format that's helpful to your workflow. Filtering allows you to narrow down a list of records based on criteria you choose. Filtering is different from searching because the end-goal of filtering shows you a list of records meeting the criteria you've specified, whereas search typically helps you find a single, targeted record. 

On any entity, whether it be leads, opportunities, people, companies, or projects, you can create custom, multi-faceted filters that produce a list of records to save or export. 

You'll see a master filter in the upper right corner of any records list:


And you'll see individual column filters to narrow down the scope:


You can filter by each record type (leads, people, companies, etc.), and you can filter for any field, except for text field, text area, or URL fields.

You can also filter for any/all/none for multi-select fields and tags.

For example, if you want to only view People records that are marked as Potential Customers, you can click on your filter, choose 'Contact Type', and mark 'Potential Customer'.



You can then save this filter if you want to refer back to it later.

This allows you to create a number of different saved views that you access whenever you need.

It’s a great way to stay organized and on top of the records you need to follow up with!

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