What steps can I take to speed up ProsperWorks?

Please try these steps and let us know if it helps.



A. Clear your cache:


1) In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' ⇨ 'Privacy' ⇨ 'Clear Browsing Data'

2) Have these ticked:

* Choose 'Since the beginning of time'

* Cookies and other site and plugin data

* Cached images and files

* **Hosted app data**

* Content licenses

* Click 'Clear browsing data'

3) **In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' ⇨ 'About' ⇨ make sure Chrome is updated**

4) Quit and reopen Chrome

5) Try signing into the ProsperWorks again


B. If that does not work, please try quitting some apps that take up a lot of processing power and can slow your computer down, like Spotify, Dropbox, Microsoft Word, Adobe products, Skype, Google tabs you do not need, other browsers, etc.


C. Otherwise, I would recommend restarting your computer, installing updates, using ethernet instead of wifi and then if it still does not work, trying to reinstall Chrome.


D. Try logging into ProsperWorks at home on your home wifi. Is it faster?


E. If the above steps do not solve the slowness, please fill out these questions and put it into a support ticket so we can send it to our engineering team. Also, please include the log from step F.


1. Is it possible for you to make a video recording of the app? You can use Quicktime if you have a Mac, or if you don't have software on your PC you can take a video with your phone.

  • Take this ping test while you record the video: http://www.speedtest.net
  • Have your console open while you record the video so we can see the error messages (part F below)

2. What kind of computer do you have?

3. Approximately, how many companies do you have?

4. Approximately, how many people do you have?

5. Approximately, how many opportunities do you have?

6. Where are you located?


F. Open up your console to get the error message:

1. Go to ProsperWorks and open the Developer Tools

2. Select Console

3. Try to reproduce the bug you are experiencing.

4. When you finished select the "Error" tab

5. If you do not see "Errors," please click the filter icon

6. Then click "Errors"

6. Right-click anywhere in the console and then "Save As"

7. Then, please make a support request here with the log file and video linked or attached.




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