How to add the ProsperWorks ID into your people records

ProsperWorks creates a unique ID for all your records. Currently, the only way to reference the ProsperWorks ID is by our URL. With these instructions you can pass your lead, people, opportunity, etc. ID into your records and it will be filterable.


For example, here you can see Adam Cooper has an ID of 30472390.



These instructions will show you how to pass the ID into a filterable or searchable field in ProsperWorks so it is easier to reference.



Note: Please try this with only a few records at first

1. Go to ProsperWorks -> Settings ->Export Data -> export People

2. Delete all columns except ProsperWorks ID. It will be the second to last field on the left.

3. Make a copy of the ProsperWorks ID column and title it "ID"

3. You should now have a spreadsheet that only has two columns. Delete all rows except for the top three because we are doing a test and do not want to try it on too many records first.

4. Download this file as an Excel file.

5. Do you want your users to be able to filter or search for these numbers?

A. If you want this filterable:

Go to ProsperWorks -> Settings -> Custom fields -> Create a new custom number field called "ID" and click the box to make it filterable

B. If you want it searchable:

Go to ProsperWorks -> Settings -> Custom fields -> Create a new custom text area field called "ID"


6. Go to ProsperWorks -> Import Data -> Select People -> Select Excel -> Select the file we created

7. Click "Manage matching records", "Overwrite" and match on "ProsperWorks ID"

8. Select "continue import" and type IMPORT

9. The import will start. Once it is done, click Summary 

10. Click on the number of records created, "2 People"

11. Double check the records to make sure all the data is still there and looks good.

12. If all looks good, you can do this for the rest of your fields, but in small batches.

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