How to make a custom report with the add on

Here is a guide on how to hide columns in Google sheets using our add on and manipulate the data.




0. Download the add on if you do not already have it: 


1. Download your Business Development opportunities using the Google sheets add on



2. Make a new tab called Sheet1, or use the existing Sheet1 tab if it is empty


3. Go to Sheet 1 and copy paste this in cell A1

=ArrayFormula('All Opportunities - Business Development'!B2:B)


4. Drag the cell over as far as you want it to go by clicking the blue square at the bottom right of cell A1



5. I have dragged mine to H



6. Go to cell B1, look at the formula. Go to cell C1, look at the formula. See how they are all different? If you do not want a column to show, just delete it.


7. I have decided I do not want columns F and G to show, so I have deleted them.



8. Now to refresh my data, I go to the add on and click the swirly button  here:



9. You will see all the updated values show up on your Sheet1 tab without the deleted rows!




Now that you have seen how to hide columns, what else can you do with the add on?


You can see the sum of opportunities by company name:




=QUERY('All Opportunities - Business Development'!A2:Z,"SELECT D,SUM (E) WHERE A IS NOT NULL GROUP BY D ORDER BY SUM(E) DESC",1)


SELECT D,SUM (E) refers to these columns:



More cool things you can do:


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