How to use multi currency

We do not currently support using multi currencies, however we are building out this feature and hoping to have it launched by end of 2017 if not sooner.


In the meantime, here is how we recommend you handle multi currency in a way that you can easily adapt your account when we change the system to accept multi currency in the future.




0. First of all, the bad part is, if you want to store value in opportunities, you will have to convert everything into your default currency. By value, I mean the value in the opportunity:


Your default currency can be changed in settings -> company preferences:


Why? If you want to see an accurate summary of values in your opportunities pipeline, they all have to be in one currency.


The following steps will show you how to store everything in your default currency AND the original currency it was in. 



1. Make a checkbox called "Different Currency" and check to make it filterable.

Why are we adding this field? So you can filter by opportunities that are not using your default currency set in ProsperWorks and change or view them later.



2. Make a custom text field called "Different Currency - value."

This will be a field to put only the number value in, not any currency symbols.

Why? If you export this sheet, you can filter by ascending/descending.


3. Make a custom date field called "Different currency date added."

This will be where you store the date the currency was added.

You can add this is you will need to look up the exchange rate at any time.



4. Make a custom dropdown field called "Different Currency - type" and check to make it filterable




5. This is what it will look like when you are done entering the three custom fields.



6. Now you have a way to filter and reference other currencies!


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