PersistIQ Integration

This integration is available for Trial, Professional and Business Plans only


The PersistIQ integration allows you to add ProsperWorks contacts directly to PersistIQ sales campaigns in a matter of clicks, not hours. This saves you time and helps make you more effective at driving opportunities forward. 


What can I use this for?

  1. To add ProsperWorks contacts to PersistIQ sales campaigns easily
  2. To generate new business through outbound sales
  3. To respond to inbound leads
  4. To engage with existing customers and account management


How it works

  1. Select the contact records in ProsperWorks that you’d like to add to your sales campaign.
  2. Click start in the PersistIQ chrome extension. The contacts are then pushed to PersistIQ, right into the campaign you selected.



How to Install

0. Here's a short video if you do not like step by step instructions

1. Install the PersistIQ chrome extension on the G Suite Marketplace


2. Go to ProsperWorks -> Settings -> API keys -> generate a key -> Copy the key 


3. While in ProsperWorks, click on the PersistIQ chrome extension icon 



4. Click on the cloud dropdown icon



5. Paste your API key where it says "API Key"







Want to purchase a PersistIQ account or have questions about how it works?

Please contact at PersistIQ. 


What can it not do?

It cannot add add contacts from PersistIQ to ProsperWorks. If this is something you are interested in, or have further questions, please contact support here



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