How to do Lead Scoring?

We do not offer lead scoring out of the box, but have some tips to customize ProsperWorks for your needs.


1. Use our lead status field

Many of our users use the Status as their scoring system. Whether they have been contacted, qualified, unqualified, or other custom status they need. If you select the dropdown of the status you can select "Customize Lead Status" and you can add your desired value.


2. Create a custom field

Although ProsperWorks does not have the feature to automate lead score calculations, you can create a custom field for Lead Score. You can then prioritize your Leads by filtering and sorting by Lead Score. Please take a look at this article on how to create custom fields:


3. Use Zapier

If these do not fit your needs, we offer an integration with Zapier (for plans above basic), a third party integration service. We can integrate with these other applications that might offer lead scoring if you are interested:


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