Email Templates


If you want to be more efficient in your email communications without compromising the personal feel that your leads and prospects appreciate you for, then the Email Templates feature is exactly what you’re looking for!


How does it work?

  • Create personal email templates, or use the shared templates your admin has created for your team.
  • Leverage Merge Fields so you can personalize emails with your contact’s information in the email body.


How do I get started?

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Click on the Email Settings page. Make sure that your Email Preference is set to “Send and reply from ProsperWorks”
  3. Click on “My Templates”
  4. Only admins can create “Shared Templates”. As an administrator you can generate and manage email templates for your entire company to use. Navigate to the Shared Templates section and click ‘Create Template’.




Templates per Plan

  • Users on the Basic plan can create up to 3 personal templates, and no Shared Templates.  
  • Users on the Professional plan can create up to 10 Personal and 10 Shared Templates.
  • Users on the Business plan can create an unlimited number of both Personal and Shared templates.


Creating a Template

  • When creating your templates make sure to give it a unique name that allows you to quickly recognize it when you’re composing your emails.
  • You can choose Merge Fields (a field in an email template that incorporates values from a record), or reuse part of an existing template to create new ones by selecting the blue + symbol on the right side of subject line or the compose box.
  • You can also use the # and + shortcuts to type in your merge fields or insert templates. 


Merge Fields


The following merge fields are available to you:


Recipient Merge Fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Title
  • Contact Type
  • Owner
  • Leads and Person Custom Fields (only available when composing emails. Not available for Templates)


Sender Merge Fields:

  • Sender Name
  • Sender Email
  • Sender Phone
  • Sender Company Name


Things to keep in mind:

  • Your Gmail Email Signature is automatically appended to the end of all emails you send from ProsperWorks, if you select the “Use Gmail signature” option in Email Settings.
  • Recipient merge fields can be identified by the blue highlight, while sender merge fields are highlighted in green.
  • For text formatting, highlight the word or section to see all options.




Composing with an email template

When sending an email you will notice the little blue + icon in the subject line or the body of the email. Clicking on the icon will give you access to the list of available templates and merge fields.

You can use more than one template to include in one email.



If you select a template that doesn't have a subject line, you can type in a subject line when composing your email. If you select more than one template from the subject line section, the new subject line will be added to the existing one. Subject lines and email content are all editable on the fly!


If there is no content for a specific merge field, the field will appear with strike-through styling and in grey. You can select the merge field and enter ‘Backup Text’ that will be used in place of that merge field.



Including attachments 

If you're looking to attach files to your emails there is an easy way to do so without worrying about email file size limits.

  1. Upload your file to Google Drive, or your preferred cloud storage provider.
  2. Create a shareable link for the file.
  3. Add the url for the shared document in your email. 



Use Templates in the Gmail Chrome Extension


Bulk Send Emails - Gmail has a limit

Gmail imposes limits on how many emails you can send. As such, whether you are using Gmail or ProsperWorks to send email, please respect Gmail's limits below. To learn more about the Gmail sending limits, visit


How many total emails can I send during a 24 hour period?

1500 emails if you have a Google for Work account

500 emails if you have a free Gmail account


How many batches can I send?

What is a batch? A batch is how many emails you send at once.


Users on the Basic plan can send one batch per day*

Users on the Professional plan can send 10 batches per day*

Users on the Business plan can send an unlimited number of batches per day*

*Batches cannot exceed 200 recipients at a time. 



For more information on how to send your emails in bulk to a group of contacts, check out this knowledge base article.



Question: Can I send with my alias? 

Answer: Yes, but only through the extension. Go to your Gmail -> log into the extension -> select a person or lead record -> click the envelope icon -> select a template -> a Gmail pop up should show -> send!



Question: Do you have automation available with templates?

Answer: No. If you need this feature, please explain your user case and make a feature request here


Question: Can I change the font of the email or signature?

Answer: No. If you need this feature, please make a feature request here


Question: It is passing in the wrong email for signature.

Answer: This is because you use an alias. If you need alias functionality, please make a feature request here


Question: Can I insert an image or an attachment?

Answer: No. The workaround is to upload your image or attachment to Google Drive and then copy/pasting the link in the email template. If you need this feature, please make a feature request here


Question: Can I have more merge fields/tags?

Answer: No. If you need this feature, please make a feature request here


Question: Can you add prefix and suffix?

Answer: They are only provided when you use the full name merge field. If that does not work, please make a feature request here


Question: Can you make it so I can add custom fields as merge fields when I am creating a template?

Answer: This is not possible right now. Custom fields can only be added as merge fields after the template has been applied. If you need this feature, please make a request here





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    This feature is currently in a closed Beta but will be available shortly. Please monitor our Release Notes forum for more information when this feature is live.


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