A lot of your daily activities revolve around tasks. You use them to organize your day, to keep important things from slipping, or to bring deadlines to your team’s attention. We want to support and strengthen your workflows, and in the coming months we will be introducing several improvements to our Tasks functionality.


What we have launched as of October, 2017:


We allow you to assign an activity type to a Task

Why? A lot of users were making custom drop downs for their tasks to help define their type. We decided to make a field for you! Also, as a bonus, you can now optionally log completed tasks as activities so they can count towards your reporting so you can see how much time you are spending on them.


The technical side

    • The new dropdown is called "Activity Type"
    • Note: If you change the type to "To Do" it will not count as an interaction
    • What about my old tasks? How did you categorize them? All your previous tasks have been categorized as "To Do." If you want them to be logged as activities, please change the type to something other than "To Do," and when you complete them, you will be prompted to log an activity type. Otherwise, you will not.


How do I add more activity types?

You can add more dropdowns to activity types by going to Settings -> Activity Types. If this is confusing and you just want to log tasks as activity types, you can make a dropdown called "Task."



When completing a task, you can log an activity for it so it shows up in your reporting

  • When completing a task you can now log an activity so it shows up in your reports and counts as an interaction

  • This change eliminates the additional fees you may be paying to implement the automation described by this article




Here are how tasks logged as activities will show up in your Activity By User report (not available on Basic):



Features to come

  1. Improving email notifications for tasks so you can see what the task was about!
  2. Setting task reminders relative to the task due date
  3. Being able to create recurring tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis


If you’d like to share feedback on how we are improving tasks, please email ursula@prosperworks.com :)




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