Email tracking is not working

Email tracking can be affected by a number of different things. If you are seeing issues with email tracking, please try these steps and see if they work!




A. Clear your cache:


1) In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' ⇨ 'Privacy' ⇨ 'Clear Browsing Data'
2) Have these ticked:
* Choose 'Since the beginning of time'
* Cookies and other site and plugin data
* Hosted app data
* Click 'Clear browsing data'
3) In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' ⇨ 'About' ⇨ make sure Chrome is updated
4) Quit and reopen Chrome
5) Try sending an email with email tracking and see if it works


B. Try reinstalling our Extension: Go to Chrome menu ⇨ 'Preferences' ⇨ 'Extensions' ⇨ Click the trash icon next to the ProsperWorks extension ⇨ Scroll down to add more extensions ⇨ re-add the ProsperWorks Extension:


C. If this does not work, these things can disable our Extension. Please try disabling them. 
- Google labs
- Any non Google extensions -- it is recommended you try turning them off one by one to see which one could be interfering with our extension.


D. Log into ProsperWorks -> Go to Settings -> Email Settings -> Make sure this box is checked -> "Track when emails are opened by default"


E. In Gmail, test sending an email and confirm that the box is automatically checked for email tracking. See if it is received and tracked.


F. Do you have an ad blocker on in your browser? If so, please turn it off. Email tracking will also not work if the person you are writing to has an ad blocker turned on.


G. Do you have an email signature turned on? If so, delete it, re-add it. Then try tracking an email again and see if it works. This is a known issue.


H. Other reasons why email tracking could not work:


Did you send the email while in incognito mode? It will also not work if your customer is receiving the email in incognito mode.
Did you send it through your mobile device? If so, it will not track if you send it through mobile.
Did the person who received it turn their images off in gmail? If so, email tracking will not work. We track emails by embedding an invisible image of a pixel and if the person you are sending to did not expand images in the email, it will not work.


I. Otherwise, I would recommend restarting your computer, installing updates, making sure you do not sign into too many applications, using ethernet instead of wifi and then if it still does not work, trying to reinstall Chrome.





If this does not solve your issue, please write into support here




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