ProsperWorks Add-on for Gmail

Since you love our extension, we built an add-on that you can use with any browser or Android device! The Add-on makes it easy to log notes, add contacts, and view records while in Gmail, so you’re not stuck switching between systems all day. 


Why should I use this?

If you would like to use our extension on a non Chrome browser, like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer. Or, you want to use the extension on your Android phone. Please note, you have to load Gmail to see it.


What can I use it for?

  • To get a quick overview of activity before a call (if you are calling from Android, or working from your Safari/non-Chrome browser)
  • To add new leads on the go from Gmail
  • To log follow up activities directly from an email



How to install

1. Open Chrome and click here to install

2. After you have installed it, you will see it in your Gmail when logging in on any browser or mobile device :)



How does it compare to our current extension?



The new Add-On

Our current extension

Where can I use it?

When logging into Gmail on any browser you can use our extension. It is also available when using Gmail on Android (iOS coming soon)

Our current extension can be used on a Chrome browser on a computer only. 

How do I access it?

Appears only when an email is opened

Hover over email to see record data in extension

What can I do with it?

Can only be used to add or view contacts, and view or log activities

Can be used to modify and add to any type of records

How many activities can I see?

Only most recent 5 activities show


Can I see custom fields?



Can I relate emails?



Can I search records?



Can I use on Android?



Can I use on iOS?



Can I use email tracking?




Coming soon: the add on for iOS!



We realize that it has less functionality than our current extension. If you want any more features for it, or have any questions, please make a request here!






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