ProsperWorks Chrome Extension For Gmail and Inbox Overview

With the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension for Gmail and Inbox it’s easy to create and share a single set of contacts, track your sales Opportunities, and manage your tasks in real time, right inside Gmail.

Hover over a contact or select an email and we’ll display their information. You can create and manage tasks, automatically sync emails, and even filter your inbox to find any emails relating to the deal.

The ProsperWorks Chrome Extension blends in seamlessly with your Gmail inbox and Google Inbox, making it easier than ever to keep up to date and giving you the context you need to respond to people quickly, and with precision.


Install it now from the Chrome Web Store! 

To install the extension:

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and click 'Add to Chrome' in the top right corner of the window. 

2. Accept the permissions for ProsperWorks to view your email. 

If you use both Gmail and Inbox: to enable one or both extensions, all you need to do is click the ProsperWorks icon on the top of your browser and select which email option you want it to be visible on. Once you turn an extension on, restart your Chrome browser and the extension will appear when the new window opens. 

ProsperWorks Chrome Extension For Gmail: 

ProsperWorks Chrome Extension For Inbox:  


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    Justin Strachan


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    Paul Herring

    Saw this was updated to include Inbox, but I still don't see it available. Am I supposed to click or add something to see Prosperworks? On the Gmail side, it just appears on the right side, but nothing is there when I use

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