Why Are My Emails Getting Sent from My Personal Gmail?

If you notice that the wrong Gmail account opens when you try to send an email out of ProsperWorks, you will need to update which account is your “default” account by doing the following:

1. Sign out of all of your Google accounts

2. Sign in to the account that you want to be your default account first (i.e. the account you would like to connect to ProsperWorks)

You can double check that this is the default account by clicking on the Google account selector and looking for the one labeled as “Default”.


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    Eric Dozier

    I added a group of people to a project that I am working on and it pulled all of the emails that I have from them into prosperworks. Some of these emails are personal and some of them are related to the project. I would like to be able to select specific emails for the project in my Gmail inbox so that all of them being imported at one time. Can I do this?

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    Eric Dozier

    Correction: I would like to be able to add specific emails from Gmail and not have all of them be imported just because they are associated with a particular contact.

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