Uninstalling the ProsperWorks Marketplace App

Important: Only the administrator of your Google Apps for Work account may uninstall the ProsperWorks CRM Marketplace App.

Use the following steps to Uninstall the ProsperWorks Application from your Google Apps Domain. This will remove the ProsperWorks Gmail Gadget for all users.

1 - Log into your Google Apps admin panel
2 - Click on the Marketplace Apps icon

3 - Click on the ProsperWorks icon
4 - Click on the trash can icon to remove the app


Important: Please note that according to Google these changes may take up to 24hrs to take place.





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    Cheri Diehl

    It doesn't work. How do I delete it? And how do I stop getting the message at the bottom of my emails? And how do you stop those messages from flashing continuously?

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    This does not work. The ProsperWorks app does not show up under Marketplace Apps. Please fix this KB article.

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