Sales Forecast Report

Sales Forecast Report

The Sales Forecast Report allows you to see what you're going to close in a specified time range (e.g., this month, this quarter, this year) This report allows you to see what your expected sales are and how they compare to actual sales based on the expected Opportunity close dates. Please note the default time frame is set to half a year starting with two months prior to the current date. Click on the filter icon in the top right to modify the date range for close date, filter for assignee, source, tags, and much more! 

Hover over the bars in the bar graph to see the breakdown of total forecasted value of the Opportunities that correspond to that bar in the bar graph. The rows beneath the bar graph will show you Opportunities breakdown of the Opportunities in that time frame by won, weighted pipeline, open, and forecast. Clicking on the row will bring you to the Opportunities tab displaying the Opportunities included in that calculation.


Forecast = Total Value of Won Opportunities + Weighted Value of Open Opportunities



Multiple Pipelines

  • You can switch between Pipelines by selecting it in the Pipeline drop-down menu:




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  • Avatar
    Paul Spenard

    I would like to know the best way to record the value of a contract. Some contract we are awarded are for one year, some for two or more years.

    We are paid month to month, 1/12 of the contract value.

    In order for our reports to be accurate and consistent, should I show the monthly amount we will receive as long as the contract is ongoing, should I show the annual value of the contract, or should I show the lifetime value of the contract, for example $300,000 for a contract that is $100,000 per year for a three year award.

    I want to be consistent and have numbers that are actually meaningful.

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Chris McBride

    I am trying to clean up my views and reports. I do not need to see every data element that is input, just the important stuff I need to look at on a daily basis. Would like to get the noise out of the way and tighten things up for review and action. The stuff that is important: opportunity name, revenue, close date, status/last action, next step. The summary reports will be good to look at this once we get larger, and our kpi's become more clear and relevant. Now I need summary reports with specific info present (no pictures... need data). Most of the other data is not needed on a daily bases once it is inputted... how do I adjust reports and views so I see the important stuff without the clutter of all the other data that I do not need to review weekly.

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