Customize Your Multiple Pipelines

Multiple Pipelines

If you have more than one type of prospect, you may need to create more than one Sales Opportunities Pipeline. For example, you could have one Pipeline for direct sales, and another for partnership deals. In addition to different sales pipelines, you may also want to create Pipelines for other business processes such as recruiting!


Customize Pipeline Stages 

Important: Only admins in ProsperWorks can customize Opportunities Pipelines

1 - Log into ProsperWorks 
2 - Click on the ProsperWorks Menu  in the top left corner
3 - Click on System Settings

4 - Click Pipelines under "Customize ProsperWorks" 
5 - Click on the Edit icon next to the Pipeline you wish to edit, click on the Trash icon next to the Pipeline you wish to delete, or click on "Create New Pipeline" to create a new pipeline.


What Pipeline Stages should I use?

We believe you should be able to customize your CRM to match your existing business process. Here are some suggestions for Pipeline stages that you can start with and customize as you develop your unique business process that is right for you.




  • Qualified
  • Follow-Up
  • Presentation
  • Contract Sent
  • Negotiation


Business Development

  • First Meeting
  • Partner Meeting
  • Negotiation
  • Term Sheet



  • Phone Interview
  • First In-Person Interview
  • Second In-Person Interview
  • Reference Check
  • Offer Letter


If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

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