Sales Performance Report

Sales Performance Report

The Sales Performance Report allows you to see how your sales performance history based on the Opportunity close date. You can see how your business is performing compared to previous month, week, quarter, etc. Please note the default time frame is set to two months leading up to the current date. Click on the filter icon in the top right to modify the date range for close date, filter for assignee, source, tags, and much more!

Hover over the bars in the bar graph to see the total value of the Opportunities that correspond to that bar in the bar graph. The rows beneath the bar graph will show you Opportunities breakdown of the Opportunities in that time frame. Clicking on the row will bring you to the Opportunities tab displaying the Opportunities included in that calculation.



Total Win Rate is calculated by dividing (won Opportunities / total Opportunities) * 100


Multiple Pipelines

  • You can switch between Pipelines by selecting it in the Pipeline drop-down menu: 




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