How do I create Custom Fields?

Only administrators can create custom fields


**Before creating a custom field, check the graphs of our import article to see what fields we already have hard coded, so you do not create duplicates


1 - Log into ProsperWorks


2 - Click on the ProsperWorks Menu  in the top left corner


3 - Click on System Settings


4 - Click on Custom Fields under the "Customize ProsperWorks" section in the left panel.


5 - Click on the Add Custom Field button

6 - Next, choose a name for the custom field (field label), the type of custom field, and which item type(s) you want the custom field available for (Companies, People, Opportunities, Leads, Tasks and/or Projects)


Type Filterable? Character limit Searchable? How to identify in spreadsheet during import of data
Text Field No 250 Yes  
Text Area No 1,000 Yes  
Dropdown * Yes 255 for each field Yes  
Date Yes    No DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY
Checkbox Yes    No This is a boolean value. Put in one column and select true or false, OR you can put 1 for true, or 0 for false
Number Field Yes  20  No  
URL No  255  No  
Percentage Yes  10  No  
Currency Yes  20  No  
Multi-Select Dropdown * Yes    No Put in one column and separate with semicolons
Tags Yes   Yes Put tags individually in separate columns that are all titled "Tag" and they will be created on import
Description No 1,000 No  

* You can add up to 150 options per dropdown

Note: To add values for multi select dropdown, please separate values by a semicolon. Please make them match exactly. If you type "A" and it really is "a," it will not match.

7 - Check the checkbox under "Include in Filters?" if you want to enable filtering by this field.


8 - Click Save


9 - Here is an example of how I would use custom fields for separating companies by industry. 

a. Go to System Settings -> Custom Fields and make a custom field dropdown. Click to make it filterable.


b. Go back to System Settings -> Companies and view all companies.

c. Click on the filter icon

d. Search for the industry you are looking for. Here I have selected "Automotive." Click to "Save filter set."

e. Name this new filter.

f. Test it out. Go to System Settings -> Companies -> click "Clear all" to clear the filter.

g. Click on the drop down for Companies, and check the saved filter, "Automotive industry."



If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

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