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The first step toward growing your business is getting organized. To this end, we've built tight integrations with your favorite Google Apps like Gmail and Calendar, in order to reduce data entry and ensure you have access to highly accurate information in real time. There are a number of areas where ProsperWorks Google Sync can help.

Suggested Contacts

ProsperWorks connects with your Google account to analyze recent conversations and meetings you’ve had, then suggests the people who look important. Naturally, you get the final say in who is tracked or not. Once we find new suggestions, we make it easy to quickly categorize and add them to your contact list, so you can enjoy meeting new people and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll never miss an important contact, and you’ll save hours keeping their information up to date.


Email and Calendar Sync

Once you've decided to track a new contact, ProsperWorks will start syncing your emails and meetings automatically, so there's no more "Bcc" tools, or forgetting to add important updates and events. By default, everything we sync for you is private, but you can choose to share items manually by clicking on the padlock icon. For more information on email visibility, click here.

Important: Please note Admins now have the ability to see all emails synced to the account.


When you add your first Task, we'll create a new ProsperWorks Reminders Calendar along side your Default Google Calendar and sync any of your subsequent Tasks to it. This means you can use your Google Calendar to track your daily to-do list as well as your regular meetings, and it's easy to hide/display your ProsperWorks Reminders calendar as you please.


If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

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  • Avatar
    Doug Nelson

    It would be helpful if you addressed how Prosperworks does (or doesn't) sync with Google Contacts, perhaps the most relevant element of the Google solution.

  • Avatar
    Stanley Watson

    Agree with Doug. We need two sync with Google Contacts, as well as an easy mass de-duplicator, like Google Contacts has. For both companies and contacts. But thanks for a great product nonetheless!

  • Avatar
    luke dier

    Working with Google contacts is difficult, but I've found this article does a lot to help. 

    Edited by luke dier
  • Avatar
    Dujon .

    I agree with both Doug and Stanley, and thousands of other users.

    ProsperWorks at its core must sync with Google Contacts.

    Like almost everyone who owns a mobile phone, we rely on our Google Contacts to send sms, email, etc. Without a reliable means of easily accessing contacts on the go, Prosperwork is unfortunately a white elephant ie car without wheels.

    I look forward to seeing sync enabled and not via a third party in the next update.

  • Avatar
    April Spaulding

    I agree with all of the above. It really is a bummer that you must pay another app in order for Prosperworks to sync with your google contacts. If it works already with everything else why can't it work with contacts. My company doesn't want to pay an additional fee for this feature to another company.

  • Avatar
    Kerstin Ackermann-Stommel

    I agree with all of the above. I think it's not okay to pay for an extern additional fee. And this is a very big disadvantage of prosperworks! I tried this software but this is very bad.

  • Avatar
    Tom Lasley

    When will PW add the MUCH NEEDED google contacts sync????

    Why do we have to turn to another 3rd party app to facilitate this??/

  • Avatar
    Tom Lasley

    What is the kickback PW gets on our piesync subscription?

  • Avatar
    David Sharp

    I agree with the others on the need for a 2-way sync.

  • Avatar
    Jesus Daniel Lopez Tirado

    Muy importante, la Sincronizacion de contactos de mi Cell a Prosperworks.
    Ya pague la suscripcion anual, y no hay reembolsos, creo que tendre que esperar a la nueva version para usarlo. Lo esperare, seguro pronto lo ofreceran.

  • Avatar
    Nick Betney

    We are looking at different CRM systems and thought Prosperworks would be the answer as it's supposed to be optimised for gmail users (we already use Gmail). Imagine my disbelief when you don't sync with Gmail contacts as standard! If I have to pay for this via a third party app I may as well opt for another CRM system like Insightly, which is cheaper. Seriously guys, this is ludicrous lol

  • Avatar
    Tom Lasley

    Are you guys getting the picture yet???????????????

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