Creating and Syncing Calendar Events

Note: For Calendar Events syncing to work properly, you must make sure you are signed into the correct Gmail account as your "default".

Do this by signing into the account that you want to be your default account first (i.e. the account you would like to connect to ProsperWorks)

You can double check that this is the default account by clicking on the Google account selector and looking for the one labeled as “default”.

What are calendar events?

Calendar events are events in your Google Calendar with existing Leads or People in your ProsperWorks account. 

How do I create a calendar event?

You can create a calendar event from the detail pages of Leads, People, Companies, and Opportunities. **Please note a Person with an email address must be linked to the Company or Opportunity for the email address to pre-populate in the Calendar invite. 

1 - Click on Create Event or "+" in the Calendar Events section from the record preview pane in the list view:

or in the right panel of the details page:

2 - You will be brought the Google Calendar create a calendar event page.

3 - Add or edit details about the event, such as the event name, location, and time, and invite additional people by entering their email addresses.

4 - Events more than 30 Days out will not immediately sync to ProsperWorks, but they will be created in the Calendar. Once the meeting is less than 30 days out, it will show up in ProsperWorks at the next sync.

3 - Click Save when you’re done adding details.

The event is added to your Google Calendar, saved to ProsperWorks, and guests invited will receive an email invitation.

  • To create a calendar event through Google Calendar:

You can use Calendar to create events that appear both on your phone and in Google Calendar on the web.

1 - In the Google Calendar, click the red Create button or click on the time slot of when you wish to create the event. Click Edit event to open an Event details screen.

- OR -

On your Android mobile Google Calendar, touch and hold the desired time for your meeting and touch "New Event".

On your iPhone mobile Google Calendar, touch the "+" in the top right corner to Add Event.

2 - Add details about the event, such as the event name, location, and time, and invite people by entering their email addresses.

3 - Click Save (Web) or touch Done (mobile) when you’re done adding details.

The event is added to your calendar, and guests you've added will receive an email invitation. 

Which calendar events are synced to ProsperWorks?

Changes to existing calendar events in ProserWorks are two-way synced. In other words, if you change the details such as event name and time in your Google Calendar, the changes will be automatically updated in your ProsperWorks account and vice versa.

ProsperWorks is able to automatically sync new and past calendar events into your ProsperWorks account and auto-link them to existing people, companies, and leads by recognizing the email addresses of the invitees.

Calendar Events must be scheduled less than 31 days out before they will show in ProsperWorks.

Why can't I access the calendar event details?

You can only open calendar events in Google Calendar where you are an attendee of that meeting. In other words, if your co-worker met with a customer, and you were not on the invitation, you can see the calendar event, but you can't click into it.


Why isn't my Calendar Events in ProsperWorks showing?

Troubleshooting checklist:

  1. In Google Calendar, select the upper right profile picture and the email address you see popup is the same email address as the one you see in Company User under System Setting in ProsperWorks.
  2. Now go to Google Calendar, go open the event. Check if both you and the contact added as the guests.
  3. If you do have both you and the contact on the list, hover your cursor over the contact's name and a tooltip will appear with the contact's email address. So take note of the email address letter-by-letter.
  4. Go into ProsperWorks and check to see if your contact is has that same email address in their email field. 
  5. If that's is true, is the Google Calendar event over 30 days from today? If so ProsperWorks will only see Calendar events within 30 days. Don't worry if your event is over 30 days, as the event enters within the 30 day mark it will show up in ProsperWork's Calendar Events.



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    Bruce Fairclough

    When I click on "Add Calendar Event" it takes me to my default Google Calendar. However, once there, it does not give me the option to select my "Prosperworks Calendar" or any other of my Google calendars. I would like to have the option to change the default Google calendar is... or at least have it get added to the Prosperworks calendar.

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