Contact Types

Categorizing Contacts (People and Companies) will help you keep your contact list organized, and allow you to prioritize your follow ups accordingly.  

Default Contact Types:

  • Potential Customer
  • Current Customer
  • Other

To Change a Contact Type for a Contact:

1 - You can change the Contact Type for a Contact from the preview pane in the list view or from the contact's details page.

2 - Choose the desired Contact Type from the drop-down menu next to "Contact Type"



Note: There is a workflow associated with the Potential Customer contact type whereby when you create a new contact and categorize the contact as a Potential Customer, you will be prompted to add an Opportunity to your pipeline, which allows you to track this potential customer through your sales process all the way to closing the deal.

To Create Custom Contact Types:

Note: You must be an Admin of the ProsperWorks account to create custom contact types

1 - You can click on "Customize Contact Types" in the Contact Types drop-down menu from the contact preview pane in the list view or from the contact's details page.
2 - You can also create Contact Types in System Settings. Click on the ProsperWorks Menu  in the top left corner
2 - Click on System Settings 

3 - Select Contact Types under "Customize ProsperWorks"  

4 - Click on the New Contact Type button 

5 - Enter the desired name of your new contact type. Click Save

** Please note the default contact types "Potential Customer" and "Current Customer" can neither be deleted nor edited. 








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