Opportunities Pipeline and Opportunity Task Indicators

The Opportunities Pipeline allows you visually see an overview of all Opportunities in your pipeline. You can easily move an Opportunity from one stage to the next by simply clicking on the Opportunity and moving it forward to the correct stage. You can also simply click and move the Opportunity to Lost, Abandoned, or Won to mark the Opportunity as Lost, Abandoned, or Won, respectively.



 **You can customize your Multiple Pipelines to match your sales process**


Opportunity Task Indicators:

The Opportunity Task Indicators allow you to see if an Opportunity is on track or need immediate attention. They are located at the top right corner of each Opportunity in the Pipeline view. 

If the Opportunity Task Indicator is...

  • Red - Your Opportunity needs immediate attention. This Opportunity has an overdue task.
  • Yellow - Your Opportunity is on track. The Opportunity has a related task due within 24 hours. 
  • Gray Checkmark - Your Opportunity is on track. The Opportunity has a related task due in the future. 
  • If the Opportunity does not have an Opportunity Task Indicator, this Opportunity does not have a related Task.

You can click on the Opportunity Task Indicator to see related Tasks and to add a new task to the Opportunity. Click on the name of the Task and the Task details page will slide out from the right of the screen. Mark the task complete by clicking the checkbox next to the Task.

Likewise, click on the Opportunity and a preview pane of the Opportunity's details page will slide out. Click on the name of the Opportunity in the preview pane to navigate to the full details page. 





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  • Avatar
    Andrew Spiering

    What is "Abandoned" used for? Is there a way to edit the terminology?

    Edited by Andrew Spiering
  • Avatar
    Fred Saligan

    Is there a way to see/view all interactions made in to a salesperson? let's say, the number of call they make and email sent out in a day.

    that's what i've been trying to figure out.

  • Avatar
    Sandeep Kumar

    I second with Andrew's query. Is there a generalized parameter to abandon an opportunity?

  • Avatar
    Tony Gebely

    I third Andrew's query:
    "What is "Abandoned" used for? Is there a way to edit the terminology?"

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Mislinski

    Adding to the pile of people that are asking what "Abandoned" is used for and if we can edit the terminology. We want to add "On Hold" to the opportunity status list.

    Edited by Jennifer Mislinski
  • Avatar
    Chris Hall

    Re: Abandoned - We have made a separate pipeline for opportunities that have "gone dark" on us. I am planning to start using the abandoned status in our sales pipeline instead. I can see a couple benefits in doing so... We have a B2B SaaS product and consider a prospect to have "gone dark" if they are completely unresponsive to X communications within Y period of time.

    The thought is that if we have a month with a lot of abandoned status opportunities, we want to be able to trace them to their source, probably a conference, Y months prior to becoming abandoned. This way, we can avoid that activity the following year.

    Another benefit in reports would be the ability to automatically calculate gone darks / abandondeds into our overall pipeline and total win rate.

  • Avatar
    Jorge Rodriguez

    Another one that wants to know. Is there a way to edit the terminology from Abandoned or a way to add another option in that list?

  • Avatar
    Björn Rahtk

    is there a possibility to recover a deleted opportunity?

  • Avatar
    Agent Red

    I am able to create and customize pipelines, but I cannot find my Pipeline in ANY menu! How do I access them?? Thanks!

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