How does ProsperWorks Task Sync to Google Calendar?

ProsperWorks Task Sync is a feature that allows you to sync tasks between ProsperWorks and your Google Calendar. Here's how task sync works:

Enable Task Sync

1 - Log into ProsperWorks
2 - Click on the ProsperWorks Menu  in the top left corner

3 - Click on System Settings

4 - Click on Google Sync Settings under the "Preferences"
5 - Check the checkbox for Show task due dates on my Google Calendar

Create a Task for Sync

1 - Click on the ProsperWorks Menu  in the top left corner
2 - Click on Tasks
3 - Click on the Add New button.

4 - Fill in all desired information including due date and time. Then click Save.


What Happens Next?

1 - Turn on your ProsperWorks Reminders calendar, and the synced task will display in your Google Calendar

2 - A Google Calendar pop up reminder will notify you 1 hour before the task begins
3 - A link to the Task in ProsperWorks appears in the event details for quick access



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  • Avatar
    Suraj Jain

    is there a way to mark the task as complete through Calendar?

  • Avatar
    Miles Malachowski

    The link in the description is not actually hyperlinked. Can it be?

    Currently, I need to click 3x to highlight all, the right click, scroll down to "Search Google for xxxxx", then left click on it. I would prefer to just left click a hyperlink.

  • Avatar
    Nick Baldwin

    Why are tasks all set to duration of 5 mins long?

  • Avatar
    Nick Baldwin

    Tasks delete when completed and no longer display on the calendar but having a record of completed tasks on the calendar would be useful.

  • Avatar
    Nick Baldwin

    I agree with both previous comments by Miles and Suraj

  • Avatar
    William Araújo

    Can you add the users name to the Calendar? Currently there is no way to share ProsperWorks calendar with coworkers because all the calendars are named 'ProsperWorks Reminders' if the calendar was named 'William - ProsperWorks Reminders' I could then share with the team ... thanks!

  • Avatar
    Mariko Hayashi-Hall

    I need more help in setting up prosper works and calendar sync

  • Avatar
    Kris Berrie

    The problem with this Google Sync, is it is syncing inside the calendar and not inside reminders or tasks.
    ProsperWorks needs to have their development team talk with Google to make sure that the Tasks/Reminders are being synced into that tab of google calendar.

    As of right now all ProsperWorks is doing is essentially creating a different calendar for Reminders and Tasks. This is quite annoying when trying to complete tasks from anywhere (google calendar) besides ProsperWorks website/app.

  • Avatar
    Sven Braam

    My collegea is not seeing this option. She only has 2 options and not the option 'Tasks'. Do we do something wrong?

  • Avatar
    Jeff Duke

    How can I change the default reminder time from 1 hour to 10 minutes? Is there a way to make the default reminder honor the default I have set in Google Calendar?

  • Avatar
    Jeff Duke

    Does anyone from ProsperWorks check this? Please respond!

  • Avatar
    stephane Carty

    I agree with all the above. Also, why is it not possible to create a repeating task? Surely that is a simple change especially since it is supported in both google calendar and tasks...

  • Avatar
    Roger Hayes

    Does anyone from ProsperWorks ever answer these questions?

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