Interaction Fields

It may be a challenge to identify if a hot Lead is going cold, or if an Opportunity is going stale. With interaction fields, ProsperWorks shows you the number of inactive days, number of interactions, and the date of last contact. In addition, ProsperWorks also shows stage duration and the date of when the stage was updated for Opportunities. ProsperWorks helps you build stronger relationships with prospects and existing customers, as well as manage your Opportunities. 

Default Interaction Logs are Emails, Calls, and Meetings.

This interaction data is visible on the details page of the item. (Lead, Person, Company, and Opportunity) 



You can also sort Leads, People, Companies, or Opportunities by interaction fields. For example, to sort People by the number of inactive days, follow the steps below:

1 - Click on the ProsperWorks Menu    in the top left corner
2 - Click on People
3 - Click on the Settings icon  in the top right corner 

4 - Select Customize Columns in the drop-down menu


5 - Customize the visibility of each column by checking or unchecking the checkbox next to the column headers. Check the checkbox next to Inactive Days.

6 - Customize the order in which your columns appear in your list view by selecting, dragging, and dropping the columns into the desired order 

7 - Click Save 


8 - Click on the column header of the field you wish to sort by. Click on Inactive Days to sort by Inactive Days. 
Pro Tip: Create Custom Filters to slice and dice your data into more meaningful lists. You can then save the custom filter so you can easily use them in the future by selecting it from the saved filters list. 


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