How to Connect Your MailChimp Account to ProsperWorks

Only ProsperWorks administrators can perform the actions below.


Note: We do not support adding leads and people to MailChimp segments. If you are interested in this feature, please make a feature request here. 


0 - Make a MailChimp account

1 - Log into your ProsperWorks account 
2 - Click on the Menu icon in the top right
3 - Select System Settings
4 - Click on Integrations (under Customize ProsperWorks)
5 - Click Connect next to "Connect MailChimp to ProsperWorks"

6 - Paste your MailChimp API Key
         To find or generate your MailChimp API Key, click "API Keys"


7 - Click Enable

You will then see "MailChimp is successfully connected to ProsperWorks.



8 - Now you can add people and leads to MailChimp using these instructions

Take a look at this video on the ProsperWorks - MailChimp Integration! 


If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

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