2-Way Sync with Google Contacts through PieSync

Keeping your contacts in sync within your CRM is crucial to staying organized.PieSync keeps your contacts in sync between your favorite cloud apps, two-way and in real time. For instance, to sync your ProsperWorks contacts with your Google Contacts, you choose the Google Groups, the direction to sync, and PieSync takes care of the rest!



1 - Sign Up for a PieSync account 

  **Try PieSync for free with a free trial!

2 - Sign into your PieSync account

3 - Create a new connection, and select ProsperWorks

The available services to you can connect to ProsperWorks are Google Contacts, ActiveCampaign, and MailChimp. 


With the following steps, I'll go through creating a 2-way sync between ProsperWorks and Google Contacts:

4 - Select Google Contacts

5 - Click on "Add Connection" next to Sync your ProsperWorks Contacts with your Google Contacts.

6 - Connect to your Google Contacts and accept Permissions

7 - Connect to your ProsperWorks account and accept Permissions

To obtain your API key, sign into your ProsperWorks account > System Settings > API Keys > Generate API Key

8 - Select the Google Contact Group you wish to sync with ProsperWorks

  **Pro Tip for iPhone users: Only contacts in the "My Contacts" group are synced to your iPhone. If you sync your ProsperWorks contacts to your MyContacts, you will be able to see which ProsperWorks contacts is calling you!

9 - Select the direction you wish to sync


10 - Select the ProsperWorks contacts you wish to sync with Google Contacts

Specify the following conditions for the sync:

Avoid Duplications: Only sync contacts that have an email address.  

This is a mandatory option to avoid duplicates because PieSync uses the email address as the unique identifier.

Sync Deletions: Show my Google Contacts deletions in ProsperWorks.

This will tag your deleted Google Contacts in ProsperWorks with "piesync_trash" in ProsperWorks so you can easily identify them and delete them if desired.



Master App: Specify the master app when there are conflicting changes in the two apps. 



11 - Then click on  



Synced Fields

Fields that are currently synced for the Google Contacts and ProsperWorks via PieSync:
Email addresses
Phone numbers
Notes in Google Contacts are populated in the Description Field in ProsperWorks
For ProsperWorks and MailChimp or ProsperWorks and ActiveCampaign, the fields that are currently synced are name and email address only. 


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