ProsperWorks Service Level Agreement

The ProsperWorks support team is here to help you! ProsperWorks regular business hours are from 9am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday.

The maximum amount of time you will have to wait for a customer support response is 24 hours, but typically response times are much shorter.  

We suggest that you do not submit duplicate tickets, as doing so will only lengthen your wait time.

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    Monkey Snacks Dashboard

    Would you please change the title of this article? It seems unrelated to the topic of customer service and doesn't prompt being clicked on, even though there is important information. What does SLA stand for anyway?

  • Avatar
    Tamas Herman

    I think it's good to have the abbreviation in the title too.
    That's what I was looking for anyway.

    > "What does SLA stand for anyway?"
    There you go:

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    Farid Tejani

    What are the escalation procedures in the case that the 24h Service Level Agreement is not met?

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