How to Hide the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension in Select Inboxes

Since the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension for Gmail is a browser level extension, it will populate each time you sign into Gmail in that browser. However, you may not want your CRM taking up valuable space in your personal inboxes.
To disable the ProsperWorks extension for specific inboxes:
1 - Sign into that email account
2 - Click on “Don’t Show the extension on this email” at the bottom of the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension
3 - This will bring you to the ProsperWorks Chrome Extensions Settings Page. This email account will be added to the “hide extension” list. To un-hide the Chrome Extension for the email account, click on “un-hide” next to that email address.
To add additional email accounts that you do not want ProsperWorks Chrome Extension to populate in, type in the email address and click “Hide Extension".
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