ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder

ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder


You can now import your ProsperWorks data into Google Sheets by using the ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder Google Sheets Add-On.

1 - Install the Add-on

2 - Authenticate with your ProsperWorks account

3 - This is the home screen. Create a new import by clicking on "Start New Import"

4- Select the entity type you want to import:

  • Leads (if enabled)
  • People
  • Companies
  • Opportunities (you will need to select a pipeline)
  • Tasks
  • Projects

5 - Select a saved filter for the entity

6 - Click on "Import Data"

7 - This saved import will now populate on the home screen. To run this import to update your Google Sheet, click on the update data icon next to the import you wish to run.

Important: Clicking update data icon will update the Google Sheet with the newest import. Any formatting and saved changes will but overridden by the import. 

Pro-Tip: To create reports and customize the imported data, you can duplicate the Google Sheet and perform all the customization on the duplicate sheet. When you run the import again, only the original sheet of the imported data will be updated. 



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