How does email visibility work?

When you first start using ProsperWorks, your entire team's emails will sync and be private by default to everyone except account owners and administrators.



How did that happen?

When you sign up, we automatically check the "Google Sync" box for you. What is that? It is a setting in settings -> company users -> click the pen icon next to each user's email -> notice "Google Sync" is a checkbox.




What does Google Sync mean? It means:


* Emails you send to or receive from Leads and People will appear in their activity feeds

* Emails you send to or receive from non-Leads-or-People may cause them to be listed as Suggested Contacts



* Google Calendar events with Leads and People will appear in their Related Items sections


* If enabled in Settings -> Google Sync Settings -> click Google Contact 1 Way Sync, you can sync your People records to Google Contacts. This is only one way syncing (will create a folder of contacts with name, email, phone number and will sync these fields only and overwrite the rest).


* If enabled in settings -> Google Sync Settings -> click Sync ProsperWorks tasks to my Google Calendar, Google Calendar events will be created for Tasks




* You can use ProsperWorks send/to reply feature in Settings -> Email Settings -> Look for "Clicking email links open in" at the top -> select "ProsperWorks"




Email visibility rules for account owners and administrators

Account owners and administrators see all emails for all users in the system. There is no feature to turn this off. If you do not want an administrator to see everyone's emails, then please remove their administrative access (System Settings -> Company Users) and uncheck the box next to "System Admin."



Email visibility rules for non account owners and administrators


We split email visibility into two categories:

A. Emails that have come into your Gmail inbox since you signed up for ProsperWorks

B. Emails that existed in your Gmail inbox since before you signed up for ProsperWorks (we will sync up to 365 days of emails from the day you joined ProsperWorks)


If you want to make A visible to all your users, please follow Steps 1 and 2

Step 1. If you want all your users to see each others emails, first, have an administrator or account owner go to System Settings > Email Settings and select "Yes, users may specify their own default visibility."




Step 2. Second, each user will have to individually log into their account and select "Mark synced emails public by default." Each user has to go to System Settings > Email Settings and do this if you want all the emails to be public.



If you want to make B visible to all users

Please have the account owner write into Support and make a request. You will only be able to make everyone's emails public for all users in your system.



How else can I change email visibility?

You can make individual emails visible by clicking the padlocks next to each email in the activity feed.



If the Padlock is green, it means the emails are visible to your team.

If the padlock is red, it means the emails are not visible to your team.

If the padlock is yellow, it indicates that another system user was also cc’d on the email and they will have visibility of the email too.





How do I make it so only certain users see certain records?

Please follow this guide on Team and Visibility settings:


What do those weird circular bubbles mean?

The bubbles are related to email tracking. It shows you if anyone has read the email you sent. Please view our guide on email tracking here: 





If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

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