Choosing Your Google Release Track

Did you know that Google Apps has two release tracks?

First, lets answer the question, "what is a release track?"
A release track is the schedule for Google's automatic updates of the Google Apps product. Since Google Apps is 100% web, you don't need to do anything to automatically receive the constant new updates and features the Google Apps team is developing.


Now, on to the two release tracks.

The first release track is the "Rapid Release Track," which gives you and your users access to the latest Google Apps features as soon as Google releases them to consumers. The "Scheduled Release Track" releases new features at least a week after the "Rapid Release Track," so the new features have been out in the wild for some time.

By default, you are put into the "Scheduled Release Track" when you purchase Google Apps. ProsperWorks highly encourages our customers to stay in the "Scheduled Release Track" for a number of reasons:
  • This gives account owners an opportunity to fully evaluate new features and prepare and train their team on upcoming changes. 
  • Updates to Google Apps can have unforeseen impacts on partner Apps like ProsperWorks. The ProsperWorks development team gets access to update information before new updates go live and update ProsperWorks accordingly, but occasionally those updates have unforeseen impacts on app performance. Any such issue would be quickly identified in the "Rapid Release Track" before the "Schedule Release Track" receives their update.
For more information on release tracks and how to change your release track check out Google's documentation

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