@Mentioning Team Members in the Activity Logs

ProsperWorks @mention feature allows you to easily communicate with your team members by tagging them when you log your default activities (ie. notes, phone calls and meetings) as well as custom activities.  This works on the web application, the Chrome extension, and the mobile app.

To tag your team member(s) using @mention:

  1. Select an activity to log.
  2. In the activity log input field, type in “@” followed by name(s) of the user(s) you wish to tag.
  3. Save the log.

Please note:
As you type in the name(s) of your team member(s), ProsperWorks suggests a list of relevant team members to select from with the first option auto-selected. If you @mention someone who is not a ProsperWorks user or does not have visibility permissions, the tag will remain as plain text and the user will not receive any notifications.  


When someone @mentions you:

When someone @mentions you in an activity, you'll receive notifications via email or in app on the top right corner of ProsperWorks web app.

For example:
"John Doe mentioned you on the opportunity Sell 200 Widgets related to Any Inc. 
Keep on top of this Jane, we don’t want it slipping through the cracks."

"John Doe mentioned you on the company Any Inc.
Keep on top of this Jane, we don’t want it slipping through the cracks."

In App Notification:


Email Notification:



@mention Notification Settings

If you do not wish to be notified when someone @mentions you in ProsperWorks, you can turn off the notifications under System Settings --> Notifications.




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    Adán González Rodríguez

    Hi!!! How we can mention Team Members in the mobile app? :)

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    Rico Stapel

    Same Question, does it work on mobile?

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