Turning On and Off Your ProsperWorks Mobile Push Notifications

When you first install the ProsperWorks app, you will be prompted to enable push notifications.  In order to receive our mobile push notifications, make sure "Show Notifications" option is checked.  Please follow the steps below to enable or disable your ProsperWorks mobile push notifications for your device type.


On your Android device go to Settings ⇨ Scroll to Apps ⇨ Select ProsperWorks ⇨ Show notifications ⇨ Select OK to confirm.

Samsung Devices (TouchWiz):

On your Samsung device go to Settings ⇨ Scroll to Applications ⇨ Select Application manager ⇨ Select ProsperWorks ⇨ Show notifications ⇨ Select OK to confirm.



On your iOS device go to Settings ⇨  Select Notifications ⇨ Select ProsperWorks ⇨ Swipe Allow Notifications.

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    Charles A. Fraefel

    Somehow, notifications on my honor8 does not work. I activated notifications and granted access for notifications on the OS. Still I only get notifications within the app, but not as general, standard notifications (equal to Desktop notifications). What's the issue here ?

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