How do I use notifications in ProsperWorks?

ProsperWorks Custom Notifications feature enables you to select how you'd like to receive the notifications ProsperWorks sends you. If you wish to enable the push notifications for your mobile device, read about it here.

To access your Notifications settings, select the Menu Button ⇨ System Settings ⇨  Notifications.

Customize your notifications settings by selecting options in the following sections:


1 - General section: Here you can choose if you would like to receive an Email Notification, In App Notification, or both for when Records you follow are updated.

2 - Assignments section:  Here you can choose which entities you will receive a notification for and what type of notifications when assigned to you.

  • Your entity options are:  Task, Lead, Opportunity, Project, Person, and Company.
  • Your delivery method options are:  Email, In App, and Mobile Notifications.

3 - Reminders section:  Here you can also select how you receive notifications when:  Task is due and Reminder notifications.


4 - System Updates section:  Here you can select how you receive notifications for when:  My import is complete, My import has Been Reverted, and My export is complete.

5 - Automatically follow updates when:  Here you can create default settings for when to follow items that:  I create, I update, I log activities, I assign to someone, or Someone assigns to me.

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