Tag Management

Tag Management allows you to view and manage your tags in a single page.


To access, go to System SettingsTag Management

*Please note that Tag Management section is only visible to admins.

Adding Tags

You can add tags directly in the record. Please remember select Add Tag.


Renaming Tags

When you rename an existing tag, Prosperworks will find all the records with that tag and update them with the new name.


Deleting Tags

When you delete a tag, ProsperWorks will find all the records with the deleted tag and removes the tag.

*Please note that you will not be able to sort by Related Records or by Reverse Tag Name.


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  • Avatar
    Philip Bennett MBA

    Thank you! Just made my life much easier

  • Avatar
    Christopher Smith

    This is a much needed upgrade, thanks! Is there any plans to be able to create tags from this screen? That would be handy.

  • Avatar
    Monkey Snacks Dashboard

    Why can't tags be ADDED on this same page??

  • Avatar
    Steve Weiterman

    This is a much appreciated feature, but when will tags be included in global search?

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