Chrome Extension is Not Working

If you're having some issues using your Chrome Extension for Gmail, here are some steps you can try:


1.  Please confirm that you're logged into the correct account on Chrome



2.  Clear your cache:

In the Chrome menu, go to 'Preferences' 'Privacy' 'Clear Browsing Data'

Have these ticked:

*  Choose 'Since the beginning of time'

*  Cookies and other site and plugin data

*  Cached images and files

*  Hosted app data

*  Content licenses

*  Click 'Clear browsing data'


3.  Check Settings under Labs (and ensure labs are disabled)


If this does not resolve the issue, the extension may be disabled or blocked by another extension. 

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Click enabled if not, if missing you can download it here: and lets also tick 'Allow in Incognito'
  3. Return to your Gmail and refresh, if the extension does not appear open an Incognito window [Windows: Ctrl+Shift+N | Mac: Cmd ⌘ + Shift + N]
  4. Proceed to Gmail and log in with your ProsperWorks Google account
  5. If the extension is there, then the issue is another one of your extensions is blocking the ProsperWorks
  6. If you're still having trouble getting the 'CRM for Gmail' extension to show up in your email, please clear the Chrome's Cached Data
  7. Refresh Gmail

If the above fails:

  1. Go to Go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Select 'Options' in CRM for Gmail
  3. If you see your email under the next box for "Hide the extension in these inboxes:" remove your email off that list.
  4. Go back to Gmail and refresh


If you are still running into issues, please submit a support ticket here!

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