Account Cancellation

**Trials do not need to submit a request to cancel, only paid accounts.


We are sorry to hear that you are considering cancelling your ProsperWorks subscription.

In order to properly process your cancellation, please submit a request at the following link:

Request for Cancellation

You must be the "active account owner" of the ProsperWorks account. We require this is order to protect your account. If you cannot see the Billing page in the Prosperworks Settings Menu, you are not the account owner.

Please note that in order to guarantee you are the account owner, any other method of communication (email, phone, social media) do not qualify as a proper request.

If the link does not allow you to login, please take the following steps:

  1. Login to ProsperWorks
  2. Select the Menu Icon (located on the upper left side of the page) and select SUPPORT towards the bottom of the menu.
  3. Select Submit a Request.
  4. Select Cancellation Request from the menu.

*ProsperWorks is on a mission to transform CRM and as we grow as a company, we need your feedback.  Please provide details about why you chose not to continue with ProsperWorks and what your three biggest needs are in a CRM solution.

Your request will be recorded upon proper submission of the Cancellation Request. We will follow-up with an email upon confirmation of the cancellation and billing adjustments. Once your account is cancelled, it will be active until the next renewal date. Per our Terms of Service which you agreed to upon signing up, we do not offer refunds for partial months. 


If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

For further help or comments, head over to our Community Section!

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  • Avatar
    greg elofson

    It's unethical to require a support ticket for cancellation...shame shame

  • Avatar
    Tim Lyons

    I agree with Greg. Am now on my third attempt but caught in a loop where I am asked to create a login and password. Unethical indeed

  • Avatar
    Eric Guo

    Similar situation as Greg and Tim -

    Upon submitting a request to cancel, you receive an email asking to create a login and password. Unless you follow that link to do so, your ticket will never actually be submitted. This means that you have to be careful, or otherwise your request to cancel never goes anywhere and they'll continue to charge you.

    Ridiculously unethical and our company will never be coming back.

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