Bulk Editing

ProsperWorks allows you to make bulk updates for common entries such as Assignees, Visibility, Contact Type etc., in People, Companies, Opportunities, Tasks, Projects and Leads. The Bulk editing feature will allow you to work more efficiently without the tedious task of updating and editing the fields individually.

Important: Once you update, it can not be undone. Be wary of changing Text Fields. 

Editing Specific Entities

1. Select the contacts you’d like to make bulk edits to, by checking the boxes on the left hand side of the list
2. Select the Bulk Editing pen icon
3. Select the fields you’d like to edit.
4. Make edits and save.


Editing Filtered Contacts

1. Filter your contacts or use Saved filters
2. Check the first box to select an entire list.
3. Select Bulk Editing pen icon.
4. Select the fields you’d like to edit
5. Make edits and save.



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  • Avatar
    Brett Bazzini
    What tool are you using here to create these embedded videos?
  • Avatar
    Alexey Filatov
    Yeah, I wanna know too :) We need to create internal corporate tutorials and these videos are really cool
  • Avatar
    Brett Bazzini
    Atsushi, as he always does, replied extremely quick. Like similar tools, it's a gif, so this is from GifCam
  • Avatar
    Alexey Filatov
  • Avatar
    Reggie Fairchild

    Is there a way to undo a bulk edit? I'm new to PW, I just bulk edited all my contact types. I thought I had only selected 7 records. But it looks like I somehow selected them all. Whoops.

  • Avatar
    Garret Grajek

    Looking to try to understand how to "Bulk edit' a XLS (or .csv) file of email addresses -and add a "TAG" to all of these emails in the file?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar
    Marvin Sharp

    This didn't work for me. I initially created a custom field called Vertical (as in industry). I then realized I should have made it a drop down instead of a text field to keep standards. I used the bulk edit feature to make the change from Vertical to my new Vertical2 (drop down). It's all messed up. It appears that the last bulk edit I made was applied to all records instead of only the ones I selected. All of my records are now in the 'Retail' industry even though I have Financial Services, Transportation, Healthcare, etc. HELP!

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